Characters Who Were Injured

The first significant tragedy other than Samantha that we learned about in “Fallout” was Thea, who was seen via flashback running after Samantha on Lian Yu to try and stop her from getting herself blown up searching for William. The episode held back on revealing Thea’s fate, although Slade appeared in the aftermath of the explosion to tell Oliver that Thea hadn’t been safe from the effects of the blast in the plane with Felicity, Quentin, and the others. The majority of the episode played up the mystery of what happened to Thea, and we could guess that she was at least injured, if not dead. When Oliver finally found her on the island, she looked… well, super dead. It came as a relief when Oliver dropped by the hospital to visit Thea, who is in a coma. A coma isn’t exactly great, but it’s better than being dead.

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