To the Editor:

Re “Jeffrey Tuchman, 62, Documentarian Who Directed ‘The Man From Hope’ ” (obituary, Sept. 11):

In 1992, after the Democratic National Convention, I was honored to be recognized as “the woman who introduced Bill Clinton to America” in the now famous biopic “The Man From Hope.” For the next 25 years, that particular sobriquet has seemed to be fine with just about everyone.

So it is with great surprise and regret that I am now compelled to correct an impression created in your obituary of the documentary filmmaker Jeffrey Tuchman — an impression that has sparked a plethora of headlines around the country such as “The Man Who Gave America ‘The Man From Hope’ Has Died.”

In seeming reference to this film, the political consultant (and Mr. Tuchman’s filmmaking partner) Mandy Grunwald says he “brought the intimate visual and storytelling skills of the documentary film world into politics,” calling him “an extraordinary storyteller” and stating that “ ‘The Man From Hope’ is still the best candidate film ever made.”

Thank you, Ms. Grunwald. I’ll accept the compliment. And I couldn’t agree more that Mr. Tuchman was, indeed, a talented filmmaker who deserves his own recognition for an illustrious career. But as for “The Man From Hope,” I’m pretty sure I remember coming up with the title, the concept and the story line, using my own film crew, personally conducting every interview, choosing every photograph, writing every line of scripted dialogue (including Bill Clinton’s narration), selecting every music cue and editing every frame. Other than that, I guess it could be anybody’s film.

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