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The five biggest ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ book to movie changes


‘Fifty Shades Darker’ (Photo: Doane Gregory, Universal Pictures)

Fifty Shades is back.

The new installment in the BDSM romance franchise hit theaters Friday, adapting the second book in E.L. James’s trilogy, Fifty Shades Darker. While critics haven’t been loving the film, fans will likely enjoy the faithful adaptation, which follows Christian (Jamie Dornan) and Ana (Dakota Johnson) as they attempt to navigate their relationship.

But even the most faithful adaptations have to alter some things. We break down the five biggest changes the movie made to the source material.

1. Christian is less controlling

Christian’s character comes across as less controlling and abusive in the new film, due to several alterations. They don’t auction off a dance with Ana, and he doesn’t buy it for $100,000. Also, when the subject of Ana’s work trip to New York with Jack comes up, Christian doesn’t want her to go, but they talk it through and she decides not to go after listening to him. In the book, he has already acquired the company she works for (he does that in the movie too, just not as early on) and so he freezes their travel funds to prevent the trip from happening.

2. Certain sex scenes are left out

The movie has lots of sex scenes, but two specific ones are omitted, including one involving vanilla ice cream and another on a pool table (even though there’s a promo for the moviein which Christian and Ana play pool).

3. Ana doesn’t lose scary amounts of weight while they’re broken up

In the books, Ana’s weight fluctuates wildly depending on her state of mind, and Christian has an obsession with her eating habits. Specifically, when the pair are broken up at the beginning of the book and Ana gets down to a very low weight, Christian is deeply concerned. In the movie this is cut entirely.

4. Characters are cut or minimized 

To make room for Jack, Leila and Elena, characters like Jose and Kate only show up in a few scenes. The scene where Kate finds an email discussing Ana and Christian’s contract is also cut.Book characters like Christian’s therapist, Dr. Flynn, and Ana’s bodyguard, Luke Sawyer, don’t appear at all.

5. Jack Hyde’s arc is different

Jack Hyde still looms large as a threat to both Christian and Ana, but his actions are altered. For starters, Jack never finds the inappropriate emails between the couple like he does in the books, but he does make an unexpected appearance at the masquerade ball, snapping a shot of the Grey family while he’s there. Rather than being discovered (to the reader) as the cause of Christian’s helicopter accident, we see him burning Christian’s face out of a Grey family photo with a cigarette. The cause of the helicopter accident is never explained, although it could be revealed in Fifty Shades Freed.


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