Most people dream of owning a vacation home, but few get as creative as Matt and Emily Myaard in making that dream a reality.

The Holland, Michigan couple spent just $15,000, they told ABC News, to convert an old school bus into a vacation home on wheels. And this summer, they and Birdie, as the bus is called, have had a heck of a time traveling.

“My husband and I are an outdoorsy couple who love to travel and thought a rustic tiny home on wheels would be the perfect thing to have for camping trips, visiting national parks and weekend getaways,” Emily Myaard told ABC News.

Myaard is a teacher and her husband, Matt Myaard, works in healthcare. The purchased the bus last summer and spent five months converting it.

“Our favorite trips so far have been to little mountain towns in Colorado like Ouray and Telluride and our trip to North Carolina we took with our friends who have converted a bus of their own. Traveling with two buses is a blast! On our way to Asheville, NC we stopped in Nashville, Mammoth Cave National Park, toured the Biltmore Estate and drove along the Blue Ridge Parkway.”

A room with a view

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On the bus, Myaard, said, “we have everything we need with us so if we decide to change plans last minute or stay a few more days it’s no problem.”

“Our time is spent outside, staying active and enjoying the company of who we are with,” she said. “My husband and I have learned to live with less. In the bus there just isn’t enough room for things you don’t need and I think that has started to carry over to our every day life. Understanding what is important to us and what truly makes us happy has been a very valuable lesson.”

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