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Raddatz, our thanks to you. The search for answers after a deadly coalition at sea between a U.S. Navy destroyer and a cargo ship that killed seven Navy sailors learning new details about the victims and the crash, ABC’s Matt Gutman has the latest for us. Good morning, Matt. Reporter: Good morning, David. The Navy is calling this one of the worst at sea disasters in decades and ABC news learned there’s four commissions investigating it. A hellish collision and then trying to save the “Uss Fitzgerald” from going down. Overnight the Navy releasing the names of the seven sailors found dead in the mangled midsection. They range in age from 19 to 37, their hometowns spanning the country from Connecticut to California. But this morning, authorities are trying to figure out why multiple maritime trackers show the acx crystal cargo ship completing a giant u-turn just minutes before colliding with the naval vessel. Now, a new twist, the acx’s charter company denied it pulled the u-turn and claiming it happened 50 minutes earlier than the Navy. The Navy saying the discrepancy is one of the things four investigative bodies will examine but the fundamental question remains how an island-size container ship managed to t-bone one of the Navy’s most sophisticated ships. The Navy says at 2:20 Saturday morning the 30,000-ton container ship nearly gutted the “Uss Fitzgerald.” The ship’s bulbous bow slamming right into the berthing quarters where over 100 sailors sleep slicing open a ten-foot section. The water flow was tremendous so there wasn’t a lot of time in those spaces that were open to the sea. Reporter: Many trapped inside as the water rose. The captain’s quarters also hit. He and two others medevacked. The mother of one of the surviving sailors telling ABC news her son and many others fought for hours to save one of the Navy’s most sophisticated missile ships from sinking. They had to fight the ship to keep it above the surface, so it was traumatic. Reporter: The investigation will hinge on two major questions, how such a ship with some of the best radar in the world and multiple officers tanked with watching it failed to notice a stadium-size cargo ship approaching and why this happened. Military officials telling me everything is on the table including the possibility this may have been intentional or even a terrorist attack, David. More to come on that. Still such a mystery but so many young sailors lost in that accident if heartbreaking. Keep our eye on that.

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