Isabelle Fuhrman and Kyle Allen as the younger of two couples in “1 Night.”

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Minhal Baig’s first feature, “1 Night,” seems to be merely a sweet but slight romantic study for most of the way, yet a little flourish at the end makes it a much smarter film than it appeared. It also makes you curious to see what this young director will do next.


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By LEVEL 33 ENTERTAINMENT on Publish Date February 9, 2017.

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The movie, which Ms. Baig also wrote, looks in on two couples at a hotel on the same night. The younger pair, high school students at their prom, aren’t a couple at all when the story begins, though they have known each other for years. Bea (Isabelle Fuhrman) has been dumped by her date. Andy (Kyle Allen) is indifferently taking pictures for the yearbook. Their mutual prom-night misery brings them together.

Their paths occasionally cross with Elizabeth (Anna Camp) and Drew (Justin Chatwin), a couple in their 30s who are wondering if their relationship has hit an endpoint. Of the two pairs, this one is the least well developed, and sometimes the back and forth between Elizabeth and Drew seems to be out of some generic-argument handbook.

Ms. Baig, though, does have some place she’s trying to get to, and in short order she arrives there. The journey could be a bit more eventful, but the payoff is charming.

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