In case you’ve missed all the news about the controversy since it broke in mid-January, the leaked video showed Hercules the German Shepherd being afraid to go into a pool of water that was being artificially churned to resemble a dangerous river current. Eventually his handler grabbed him and lowered him into the water despite resistance. The video later cuts to what looks like the dog struggling in the water and several people rushing to help him. Since then, many folks involved with A Dog’s Purpose have given their opinion on the matter, from producer Gavin Polone noting that although Hercules should have never been put in that position, the video was misleading, to Josh Gad, the voice of the movie’s various dogs, saying how “shaken” he was watching the video. American Humane, while critical of the first part of the video, publicly stated that the video was likely intended to damage the movie as much as possible before its release. Not to be deterred from pursuing this further, now PETA wants to find the person who set all this into motion, so the A Dog’s Purpose controversy saga isn’t over yet.

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