The Red Hook harbor in St. Thomas was desolate on a recent visit except for a few stragglers trying to evacuate. Newly homeless residents in Tutu Valley idled in 90-degree heat outside their ravaged homes. On St. John, which was hit the hardest of the three islands that make up this American territory, supply helicopters buzzed over the once-powdery beaches where vacationers had soaked up the sun.

A grounded boat in Cruz Bay, St. John.

Erika P. Rodriguez for The New York Times

Outside what was left of a housing project on St. Thomas, a young man opened the doors of his white van and played jazz music, the notes echoing in the now-exposed apartments. Nearby, the wall behind Ureen Smith Fahie’s grey couch had been blasted away. A cool breeze blew over the rubble inside her apartment.

I asked what she would have for dinner. She did not give much of an answer.

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