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Saturday, October 21, 2017
Home Style New England church has clever message about Pats

New England church has clever message about Pats


New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady raises the Vince Lombardi Trophy during the Super Bowl LI Champions parade through downtown Boston. (Photo: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports)

Cotuit Federated Church found a clever way to mention the Patriots’ Super Bowl win on its sign this week. The church reminded everyone that although the Pats’ comeback was incredible, there is another comeback that is maybe more important: the resurrection of Jesus.

The pastor, Angela Menke Ballou, told The Boston Globe what inspired the sign:

“Life, even when it seems like it can’t happen, can,” she said. “That was what inspired it. We kind of like to find ways to make the Gospel relevant to our time.”

They also had other signs leading up to the big game. She told The Globe that the church is simply trying to connect with people in any way they can.

It’s similar to what a church in Springfield shared on its Facebook page after the Cubs won the World Series.

Truly well played, everyone.

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