Transcript for Las Vegas victim files lawsuit as questions grow

Back home there are new developments this morning in the Las Vegas shooting. One victim is now filed the first lawsuit against the hotel as more questions whether the gunman could have been stopped. Our chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross with the story, good morning. Reporter: Good morning, George. With the first of what is likely to be a rash of victims’ lawsuits filed, the time line of the response time is becoming a major issue. Most importantly, did the hotel fail to quickly tell police one of its guards had been shot on the 32nd floor. A maintenance man who was also fired on on the 32nd floor made this call to his supervisors. Call the police. Someone’s fired a gun up here. Someone’s firing a rifle on the 32nd floor down the hallway. Security wants to know if you know a room? It’s at the end of the hallway. I can’t tell you what room. He looked like he fired down the hallway when I got close to the door. Reporter: According to the police time line that was about six minutes before the shooter began his rampage against the concert audience below but hotel security did not call the police until after the rampage was already under way according to a person who has seen the records. If that checks out, it could be fodder for the victims’ lawyers who claim the hotel dropped the ball and cost live, George. The hotel is questioning the police time line? That’s right. They tell us they do not think the police time line is accurate and learned the police are prepared to issue yet another revision of an already revised time line sometime tomorrow, George. A lot more to come on this. Thanks very much.

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