Transcript for Growing outrage over sign language interpreter in Florida

??? Next tonight the controversy over an interpreter during hurricane Irma. Authorities asked him at the last minute to help but what did he actually sign and why some are asking for an apology. Here’s ABC’s Eva pilgrim. Reporter: As hurricane Irma was bearing down on Florida officials were sharing critical information. Today we have been given the news that hurricane Irma’s track has shifted towards the county. Reporter: There on the right what appeared to be an interpreter signing for the hearing impaired adding that at some point signing words like pizza, monster and bear raising questions about whether some Florida residents missed critical information at a critical time and tonight some in the deaf community are demanding an apology. ABC news learning that man is Marshall green, a life guard for the county whose own brother is deaf. He stepped in trying to help when officials reportedly couldn’t find a certified interpreter. Eva pilgrim, ABC news, Miami.

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