Transcript for Flooding forces scores to evacuate in Northern California

Thank you, rob. Now to Neal Karlinsky in San Jose where they evacuated hundreds from the flooding. Good morning, Neal. Reporter: Michael, good morning. Just imagine if this was the main street into your neighborhood. To give you a sense of how deep it is look at some of the cars parked along there. Quite a scene as they were pulling people out of here yesterday. Take a look at some of these videos of rescues happening. Even babies, more than 200 had to be rescued. Making matters worses water is heavily polluted with sewage and chemicals. All of this the direct result, they say, of runoff from a nearby reservoir. In fact, much of the rivers and reservoirs across northern California are at their tipping point and have had so much water from so many storms. Fortunately it is now beginning to ease off. Not raining. The forecast is looking a little bit better and water is starting to recede just a little bit but it’ll still be days before people get back in here, Michael. We hope to have a fast recovery. All right, thank you, Neal. Back to ginger for more on the western storm that is moving east. Ginger is bringing severe weather with it. It has a whole lot coming with. Snow, severe weather, but the snow in the Sierras something we didn’t get to see. We saw pictures of the water, interstate 80, a pileup that happened many types this winter already. Roads are suffering in parts of California thanks to that moisture but things are starting to wind down and watches expire throughout day and early tomorrow but the wrpts storm match from Wyoming up through Wisconsin is where we turn our attention now. You see right there, Minneapolis, by Friday morning, heavy snow. Flying. We’re talking 6 plus inches in some spots then severe weather, you have that strong temperature gradient, very cold, very warm. You could have severe weather in parts of Indiana and Ohio. Much more to come on that, robin, back to you. In other words, stay tuned. Exactly.

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