Emma Stone’s first starring role was in “Easy A” (2010), Will Gluck’s comedy about a high school student who lies about losing her virginity, only to embrace the gossipy reputation of school tramp while bearding for a bullied homosexual student.

She told Lee Cowan she appreciated being pushed by Gluck: “We were two sparring brother, sister peas on the film. I mean, he pushed me all the time, and made fun of me, and got me through it.”

Do you like being pushed?”

Yeah. I’d rather be pushed than coddled any day of the week,” she laughed. “Because anything that feels, I don’t know, false — I’d rather someone ask me to go deeper, and try harder, and be better. One of the coolest things about doing this job is growing, and changing with everything, and never making the same decision twice because you’ve learned so much from the last project. I guess that’s like in life. You keep moving through, and you hopefully learn from your mistakes and just get better and better all the time.”

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