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Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper recently pledged his NHL allegiance to the expansion Vegas Golden Knights, who will join the league’s Western Conference next season. Harper, a proud Las Vegas native who has previously supported the Capitals and Blackhawks, spent Saturday with his hometown team as part of a promotional video shoot. “Vegas is,” Harper declared during one take, “a hockey town.”

“When we were able to get the Golden Knights into Vegas, my first thought was, ‘I can’t wait,’” Harper said Saturday. “To be able to support a team from the Las Vegas area, what better place to have a hockey team?”

D.C. is a pretty good place for a hockey team, too, as Harper knows. He’s attended a Capitals playoff game with a group of Nationals teammates and started a postgame interview at Nationals Park with a “Let’s Go Caps!” chant. On the rare occasion that his hometown team plays his adopted hometown team, Harper will stick with his roots, and for good reason. It helps that black and gold are his favorite colors.

“If the Caps are playing the Knights, I’m rooting for the Knights,” Harper said.

Harper’s loyalty to Las Vegas will also presumably trump his love of the Blackhawks, his other favorite NHL team before the Golden Knights were established. While Harper could continue to support the Capitals while rooting for the Golden Knights, it’ll be tougher to have two teams in the same conference. Alternatively, he could just spare himself the agony and root for whichever team wins the Stanley Cup, which could very well be the Capitals.

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