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And now to apple’s big reveal. The new iPhone, it is being unveiled today and sparking so much anticipation and speculation. Rebecca Jarvis is at apple’s new headquarters in cupertino, California, with more. Good morning, Rebecca. Reporter: Good morning, Michael. There is so much excitement surrounding this reveal. Coming a decade after the very first iPhone was unveiled it’s expected to be the fanciest and likely the most expensive iPhone to date with the rumored price tag of $1,000. That would be double what the first iPhone cost and more than a lot of laptops cost today. Take a look at these pictures. This picture coming from idrop news. They show this new iPhone would be somewhere in size between the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus and comes with likely a lot of new features, for example, facial recognition technology where you can use literally your own face to unlock your phone. The camera is also expected to be an improved camera, maybe even a 3D camera. In addition to that augustmented reality, so if you remember pokemon go was an augmented reality game. That type of technology could be built into tew phone. Also, wireless charging. So you don’t have to plug your phone in anymore in order to charge it and finally, that home button, Michael, we’re all so used to pressing to get back to the home screen could be gone from this new phone. One addition here, though, there might be multiple phones coming out today. There are a lot of rumors and speculation that that most expensive version, the $1,000 version will come with two other versions that will cost you a little bit less, Michael. Right when I get used to the button they take it away from me. The other big reveal is their office building which is right behind you. What are some of the highlights of their new office building? This is it. I have to tell you we drove up in the dark this morning and it looks a little bit like a ufo, people have said this before. I think actually it resembles maybe even a little ice skating rink in here. This building is the Steve jobs theater. That’s where the big iPhone reveal is going to be later this morning. In addition to that, this is a $5 billion project overall. It’s called apple park. This is the new headquarters for apple. They can house 12,000 employees, I’m told. They have this incredible fitness center and all these other bells and whistles for employees and this was the Steve jobs, the co-founder of apple, his dream. This was his vision and wanted it to be the best office building in the world for people to come to work. Okay. Well, they have a lot of cash from selling all those iPhones. Exactly. Exactly. Okay, George. Let’s go back to ginger with

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