Logan may have served as Hugh Jackman’s goodbye to Wolverine, but the movie’s breakout star was Laura Kinney, a.k.a. X-23. Actress Dafne Keen did an excellent job channeling the same kind of rage that Jackman did for over 15 years in his X-Men appearances, and director James Mangold has expressed interest in seeing X-23 in future films. X-Force should be one of those films, not only because X-23 has a history with the team in the comics, but this R-rated environment would be better suited for continuing her adventures rather than a normal X-Men movie. For those pointing out that X-23 lives approximately a decade ahead of the present day X-Men universe, let’s not forget that with Cable around, it’s easy enough to have him travel through time and pick her up so she can participate in the team’s mission.

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