Miles Morales

Miles Morales has enjoyed a lot of popularity in the six years since he was introduced, from being featured in the Ultimate Spider-Man TV series to being one of the few holdovers from the Ultimate universe post-Secret Wars. He’s even leading his own animated movie that will be released in December 2018, but why stop there with his big screen exposure? Despite Tom Holland’s willingness to play Peter Parker for two decades, it’s hard to imagine the original Webbed Wonder staying part of the MCU for that long. Fortunately, Marvel and Sony have another Spider-Man to take Peter’s place once he’s gone. Spider-Man has become a legacy hero in the comics, so it would be easy enough to pass the mask to another aspiring young do-gooder with spider-abilities to keep the name living on. Even better, Miles has a few unique abilities to further distinguish himself from Peter, like a venom blast and camouflage mode.

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